The Ketogenic Diet Might 


Be The Right Diet For You

Jason Yun, the author of the 47-Day Diet Challenge, has a different approach to Keto & overall nutrition than your typical personal trainer or dietician!

Are your curious about Keto? 

The secret to weight loss, obesity & ultimately better health lies in the hormone Leptin.  

Leptin is the master hormone. Anybody who is overweight is technically insulin resistant, but before insulin resistance reared it's ugly head Leptin Resistance showed up first. Leptin must be dealt with! The 47-Day Keto Challenge will teach you how!

Understand how fake artificial blue light is one of human kind's worst enemies for our health and our weight.

Starting with the devastation for the eye to our hormones, including leptin, to our gut health to our skin......there is nothing artificial light will not leach it's teeth into when it comes to our biology and health

The Keto diet has fast become one of the most popular diets in the world. BUT........

Many people are doing it wrong. Unless you live in the tropics or near the equator, as the seasons change so should your style of keto. Most experts won't tell you this because most simply do not know it. Yun's Keto Challenge wants you to know better so you can do better! 

Find out if the 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge is the last 'Transformation Challenge' you will ever need! 

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